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1910/34 Mauser Factory Nickel Eagle N Proof

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A friend of mine picked up a 1910/34 Mauser Pocket pistol at a Phoenix gun show today that is pretty unusual. S/N is 428166 marked on the left front of the slide. There is no partial S/n on ther rear of the slide. The pistol is nickel plated and it is very old nickel with heavy grip strap wear. Looks like a factory nickel job as described by Pender on page 88/89.
Cal.6.35 D.R.P.uA.P. is on the right slide with an "Eagle N" proof on both the slide and the barrel. The left side of the slide is deeply stamped with MAUSERWERKE OBERNDORF a.N. and the Mauser banner. The slide has seven serrations. The grips are swept back black plastic with the Mauser logo. The magazine is nickle plated with a round front toe and the Mauser banner on the bottom.
I've never seen a 1910 with an Eagle N proof and cannot find any referrence in Pender to indicate there were any. If any of you have some thoughts on this pistol I would appreciate your input.
Thx, Lyn
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LeCroix lists the 1910/1934 E/N range as 426300-429000 (AUTO MAG June 1999). Yours, sn 428166. fits in the E/N range. Pender shows what he calls a factory nickel 1910/1934, sn 424636, on page 88. Any nickel plated pistol should be examined very carefully to determine if it is factory original.
This is a Nazi Era pistol. You would get more response if you posted it in the Axis Pistols section.
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