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A guest at the last Ohio Gun Collectors show is trying to compile a little history on a Luger his father brought back from WWII. He did not have it with him (THOU SHALT NOT CARRY GUNS AS A NONMEMBER) but we have been working it out via emails. The front grip strap is marked 14.H.. I think that would indicate the 14th Hussar Regiment.

I guess I've got a couple of questions. First is a dumb one...... What were the Hussars or what did they do??? I guess I should know that but don't and haven't been able to find anything in any of my books.

Secondly, if anybody has any history on that unit this fellow would sure appreciate it. He is going to pass it on to his son. I suggested he might want to consider a certain IMPERIAL LUGER book to go along with his treasure.

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Dave and Ed
Hussars were a type of cavalry used by a number of nations. The link that Ed found is the Hungarian Hussars that sometimes fought side by side with the Germans during World War I. For more information on the German Hussars go down to 10/18/03 and "1910 DWM, sn 8783,13 Hussars" for World War I in action photographs of Hussars.

The 14th Hussar Regiment was part of the 22 Division, the 3rd Cavalry Division and the 2nd Cavalry Division during World War I.
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