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1910 DWM unit markings

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I have a very nice 1910 dated DWM all matching Luger. The serial# is 6211 and the (what I assume are unit markings located under the trigger gaurd on the pistol grip) are 13.A.2. The Luger is in excellent condition with absolutly no wear to the blueing. My qeustion is what unit wasm this assigned to? It's condition would lead me to beleive it didnt see combat. I also have the original holster,loading tool and 2 matching clips.
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Andy, do you know if this luger has been reblued , or is the blueing original.

You indeed have found a treasure, common to find the early Erfurt's without a holdopen but not the DWM's, the serial numbers on the magazines should have large numbers and run from top to bottom on the wood bases opposed to side to side in small numbers.

Good that the luger has not been reblued nor touched up, check inside the holster for an ink stamping on back of flap. The holster may or may not have the same unit stamp as the pistol.

A few words of advice in case you do not already know is to avoid dressing up your holster with creams/ oils and so on as this will breakdown the leather over time, also take care not to stretch the holster flap to far back looking for stamping as this effects the stiching and causes it to break.

Looking forward to your photo's.

The holster should be brown on both sides if originall to a 1911 luger, has the holster been dyed.Does the holster have any stamps or markings between the belt loops to indicate WW#2 issue, also check for any WaA markings or eagles.

Another thing that may be on the holster if WW#1 is stamping on the front of holster, should be a date of some kind and possibly an BAX ink stamp inside of back flap

What about your magazines, how are they serialed.

Will wait for your photo's, one other possibility is that the rear belt loops may be hiding your stamp which would require removal to obseve properly.That of course is out of the question.

Anyway congrats on a nice find, the old imperials bear a hord of history once researched.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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