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Danny, now that you have exposed yourself to the dreaded luger bug you will need some books to better understand what you have and to make sure future purchases are as successful as this one. Check out the book review section. I would highly recommend Jan's Stills Weimar Lugers to help with your present piece. Also check out the Weimar police reissue section on this forum.

Weimar police magazines followed a pattern of modifications. Replacements were always restricted by budgetary concerns. Initial 1919 through about 1935 used "seamed" two piece magazines where the ridge running down the side of the magazine is actually a seam. After 1935 extruded seamless magazines, generally ( maybe always) produced by Hanel Schmeisser were used as replacements (Third Reich Lugers p 172). To make things interesting magazines were not replaced unless they really needed it so aluminum bottoms were used to refurbish seamed magazines, and rarely extruded magazines show up with original wooden bottoms. The police numbered their magazines slightly differently than the army. The army used a + on the extra magazine, the police numbered them 1, 2 and ocassionally 3. The use of aluminum bottoms began as early as 1925 although the wood bottoms continued in use until 1929 (Weimar Lugers p 184). Police weapons seem to be more likely to have matched magazines probably relating to police practice and non-combat conditions. Those pressed into service as army weapons in WWII can be expected to have the usual mismatched magazine. This is just an overview of the magazines, you need to buy some books, and then more lugers, and a digital camera so you can share with us :)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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