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Beautiful 1910 DWM (even if the side plate is a replacement). To top it all off, it is marked to the Command/Stab of the XXI Armeekorps: a rare and desirable unit stamp. I have added your Luger to the data base below.

* 1910 DWM, s/n 2804c : XII.9. - (Armeekorps XII, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 9)
* 1910 DWM, s/n4526c : XIII.42. - (Armeekorps XIII, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 42)
*1912 ERFURT, s/n 4284: XIII. 107.- (ArmeekorpsXIII, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 107)
*1912 ERFURT, s/n 788a: XIII. 147. -(ArmeekorpsXIII, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 147)
* 1910 DWM, sn 6295c: XXI.16. - (Armeekorps XXI, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 16)
* 1910 DWM, : XXI.36. - (Armeekorps XXI, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 36)
* 1911 DWM, s/n 2395e : B.R.I.2. - (Bayerisches Reserve-Armeekorps I, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 2)
* 1908 DWM, s/n 2041a : B.II.37. - (Bayerisches Armeekorps II, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 37)
* 1912 DWM, s/n 7885 : B.II.109. - (Bayerisches Armeekorps II,Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 109)
* 1912 DWM, s/n 7775 : B.II.138. - (Bayerisches Armeekorps II, Command/Stab, Waffe Nr. 138)

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I thought it was a beauty too. I offered $1000 for it on the Luger Forum (silly me) if anyone had any doubts about its authenticity, even with a replaced sideplate. This is one of those pieces that some would turn up their nose at because it is "force matched", without taking into consideration the totality of the piece, the rarity of the unit marking and the probable timeframe of the sideplate replacement (perhaps when the holdopen was added?). I think Aaron has made a very fortunate find.
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