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1911 DWM Markings?

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Hi all. I have been reading this forum for a bit and am impressed with the amount of knowledge present. Now I have a Question.
I have a 1911 DWM that is in really nice shape. It is all matching except for the bolt & Toggle assy. The Bolt & Toggle is all matching so it was obviously replaced as a single unit. The grip strap is marked S.D.I. 328.R. The R has an "X" stamped over the top of it. The "X" appears to be the same size and font as the rest of the lettering. Could this have been done at reasenal and would that explain the mismatched bolt & Toggle? I've always used this one as a shooter because of the mismatch.

Russ in Texas
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I am not certain about what to do with the "R" or if its I Kommando or I Precinct. Other than those issues here is a guess.

S.D.I. 328.R.
Schutzpolizei Dusseldorf , I.Kommando, Waffe Nr.328, Revier (Reiver = Precinct)

Perhaps one of the experts will help out.
Wouldn't the "R" have stood for "reserve"...and when the gun was assigned to a full time unit/officer the "R" X'ed out??
This weapon may have been assigned to the Revierhauptmannschaft, which was a militarized police unit that was only in existance for 3 years in the early 1920s. When these units were disbanded the R may have then been Xed out.

Dusseldorf was a large city and would have had one of these units backing up it's regular police force.
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