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I copied this from the trader board. Jan

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12.T.S.3.223.; 12th Train-Battaillon, 3rd Sanitats Komapagnie, 223rd Waffen

108.S.2.19.; 108th Train-Battaillon(?), 2nd Santats Kompagnie, 19th Waffen. I'm a little sketchy on this one as making patterns tended to be less rigid after 1914 and the structure of support formations may have changed.

98.R.8.11.; 98th Infantrie Regiment, 8th Kompagnie, 11th Waffen

It looks like it was originally issued to a medical unit in 1911 (alot of 1911's were) then, perhaps the unit was restructured and the weapon remarked within the same unit.

The last unit is an infantry regiment. The reissuing and remarking of the pistol may have been coincident to its being reworked for a hold open. If this were the case, I would bet it took place between the second and third unit

Jan C Still

Excellent unit marking analysis.

There is an interesting pattern to the some of the unit stamps found on some Saxon Lugers. The three 1911 Erfurts listed below are marked to Saxon Train-Bataillon 12, Sanitäts-Kompagnie. In each case the Train-Bataillon 12, Sanitäts-Kompagnie has been crossed out and replaced with a Saxon Infanterie Regtiment. The 102, 108 and 177 Regiments are all Saxon Infanterie Regiments. The 98th is an exception.

1911 ERFURT, s/n 2607 : 12.T.S.1.205, <lined out>- (Train-Bataillon 12, Sanitäts-Kompagnie 1, Waffe Nr. 205) & 102.R.6.1. - (102 Infanterie-Regiment, Kompagnie 6, Waffe Nr. 1)

1911 ERFURT, s/n 2986 : 12.T.S.1.169. <lined out>- (Train-Bataillon 12, Sanitäts-Kompagnie 1, Waffe Nr. 169) & 177.R - (177 Infanterie-Regiment, stab)

1911 ERFURT, s/n 8699 : 12.T.S.3.233. <lined out>- (Train-Bataillon 12, Sanitäts-Kompagnie 3, Waffe Nr. 233) & 108.S*.2.19. - (*probably the S is a mistake and should be an R.?,or the S signifies some unit in the 108 R.)(108 Infanterie-Regiment, 2 Kompagnie Waffe Nr 19) & 98.R.8.11 (98 Infantrie-Regiment, 8 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr 11.)

Jan C Still
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Jan C Still
My old friend Klaus Schad informed me that the 108 Infantry Regiment has the honor name Kgl. Sachs. Schutzen (Fusilier)-Regiment "Prinz George" Nr. 108. Almost certainly the 108.S.2.19. signifies: Saxonian Schuetzenregiment 108, 2 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr 19.

Who got this interesting Luger?
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Very interesting.
I have a 1912 Erfurt s/n 555 assigned to 12.T.S.3.129. Close weapon numbers but from different years. Any thoughts?

Bruce, a year really is not much, I mean a 1918 with the same markings might be harder, but still very possible. I would guess that the unit hadn't recived their allotted number of pistols and when they came in, were marked.

Bruce , Considering that the war did'nt start until 1914. These pistols could have been stored in an armory unil the outbreak. And then issued simultaniously to the unit.
I own the one with the three unit marks, in the post by Jan.
Jon & Ron, Good explinations, Thanks. Bruce
I report P.08 Erfurt 1912 SN 889 with triple unit markings as follows:
12.T.S.3.202. (cancelled)
108.S.7.22. (cancelled)
The R. is not script.
I also have an 1911 Erfurt marked 12.TS.1.191.
It has a single digit serial number without a suffix.
Is 1911 the 1st issue year for Erfurt?
There were about 50 Erfurts produced in 1910 (they are so dated). Only 2 are reported.
About 10,000 were produced in 1911. What is the serial number of your 1911 Erfurt?
Thanks for the update,this would explain why I have never seen 1910 dated Erfurt. The serial number on my 1911 Erfurt is 6

Jonathan Kurt
Thanks for the sn. Added your information to unit markings data base.
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