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1911 Erfurt Police

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This 1911 Erfurt is in really nice shape, has a few "special" things with it. It is in Jan Still's Weimar Luger’s on page 237, it has been police modified with a Sear Safety, has a matching 1941 holster and matching magazine and loading tool. There was only one magazine sold to my friend, and if someone (like Don) has magazine 2155, e-mail me, as I love to have a 2-matching mag guns in my collection .

Download Attachment: 1911book.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1911left.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1911right.jpg
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Here is the 1941 Otto Sindel holster
Download Attachment: 1941holsterfront.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1941holster3.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1941holster2.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1941holster4.jpg
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Here is a close up of the proofs
Download Attachment: 1911Rproofs.jpg
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See the Sunburst {star} B marking
Download Attachment: 1911snclose.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1911top.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1911undergun2.jpg
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Download Attachment: 1911undergun.jpg
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Here is the matching tool for the Rig
Download Attachment: 1911tool.jpg
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Nice. Thanks for posting, I thought maybe you bought this one yourself
Actually Heinz, it is mine. It is why I sold my 1916/1920, to help pay for this rig.


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