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1911 Erfurt

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I couldn't help out with the string on 1910's so I thought I'd get as close as I can.

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It's interesting to see the C/RC Revisions Commission stamp on an Erfurt with such an early date. They were apparently in business for some years although it's my understanding that few early Lugers are so marked as quality was to a higher standard than in the final few years of Imperial Luger production. Excellent pictures and a nice Erfurt. Thanks for sharing.
Should have mentioned that a hold open was never added to this piece.
A nice 1911 Erfurt.

Observations of hundreds of Imperial unit marked Lugers indicates that those with Bavarian unit marks never had a hold open added and those marked to non-Bavarian units always (almost) had the hold open added. Your 1911 Erfurt in all probability went to a Bavaria.
The German SW Africa Lugers also did not have a hold open added.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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