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got gun out and looked for info-it has M.W./.J.R.12.8. on frame between the grips-it has 5189 on front looking down barrel-5189 X on top of number on left side-7175 on bottom of barrel with a 8,84 under that then also a eagle with crown on top on top of barrel-the top strap-hump has 1912 with 1920 above it the extractor has 75 there is a eagle on ear of bolt toggle-08 on lever safety is connected to-right above grip is engraved c-535-633-11-102 -is a R with crown on on frame also-Geischert-F with crown,I with a crown and eagle with crown also-underneathe the plastic brown-black grips is a M and 3 on left side and a 6 on right side-sideplate has a 89-rear sight has a 89 and rear of frame has a 13 then raised a little a 18-how do you get the knurled-checkered front main pin out the side plate is put on and the tongue is out of the groove-what I thought was pitting is actually two flakes of metal actually flaked off-at least that is what looks like with mag glass-gun has been reblued sometime and has about 90% of reblue on now-was in ;ot better condition than remembered-any approximate value-have had three inquiries since I posted but really don't know value of-thanks marcus

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Your Luger has mixed numbers (parts came from different Lugers). The top part was manufactured in 1912 and sometime between late 1920 and early 1921 a 1920 Reichswehr property stamp was added. The M.W./.J.R.12.8. on the grip strap is a unit marking applied during the Weimar Era and signifies a Minenwerfer Kompagnie for the 12 th Infanterie Regiment.
The 535-633-11-102 appears to be some sort of personal ID number.
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