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The Model 1912 Steyr Hahn was adopted by the Romanian Army in 1913. It was manufactured for the Romanian Army in 1913 and 1914 by Osterreichische Waffenfabrik at Steyr, Austria. These all bear a Romanian crest over a Md. 1912 and a 1913 or 1914 manufacturing date. Some are slotted for a stock. Adamek (Pistols of World War I, 2001, page 240-243) states that over 56,000 were manufactured with serial numbers in the no suffix, a, b, c, d, and e suffix serial range. When Volume I was published in 1982, only three were reported, serial number 1106 star (1913 date), serial number 1840 star (1913 date) and serial number 6654d (1914 date) (Still Volume I, page62 and 64). I can add two more, serial number 4616b slotted (dated 1913) and 4551d (dated 1914). If over 56,000 were manufactured only a few survived.

Romania declared War on Austria Hungary on August 27, 1916. It was a serious miscalculation and Romania was rapidly overrun by Germans, Bulgarians and Austrians in three months of savage fighting. Romania lost ½ of her 750,000 man Army(1/2 killed). Captured Romanian Steyr Hahn’s were used by the Central powers. Some were used into World War II.

Download Attachment: STEYRHAHNROMANIAN1.jpg
Figure 1. Romanian Steyr Hahn, serial number 1840 star. It bears a Romanian crest over Md.1912, and 1914 date.

Download Attachment: STEYRHAHNROMANIAN2.jpg
Figure 2. Right side, Romanian Steyr Hahn, serial number 1840 star.

Download Attachment: STEYRHAHNROMANIAN3.jpg
Figure 3. Left side details, Romanian Steyr Hahn, serial number 1840 star. Note: the circle M inspection stamps on the various parts.

Download Attachment: STEYRHAHNROMANIAN4.jpg
Figure 4. Details of the Romanian crest. Romanian Steyr Hahn, serial number 1840 star.

Download Attachment: STEYRHAHNROMANIAN5.jpg
Figure 5. Romanian(?) eagle stamp, located above the right trigger guard. Pancho, calls this the “Romanian Phoenix”.
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