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On Simpson's website there is a luger marked as a 1913 commercial. I believe it is number D-44. My question is what makes this a commercial. It has a 1913 chamber date, a stock lug, a 4 inch barrel, a four digit serial number with letter following, and the associated military marks. Any help appreciated. Jim

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Unless I am missing something, I do not think there is anything about this Luger that makes it a Commercial. I think it may be an error in the description. It looks to me like a late 1913 military when the transition into the "1914" configuration with stock lug had begun. A reasonably scarce variation but not a Commercial.

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jimmiej -

This is, in fact, a 1913 DWM military, late model in the "b" block, WITH stock lug.

According to Jan Still’s “Imperial Lugers” page 23,

“There was a transition period during 1913, when changing to a hold-open and the addition of a stock lug. . . . . . . . Although the stock lug is found on some of the last production 1913-dated Lugers, it is lacking on some early production 1914-dated Lugers.”

In "Imperial Lugers" the picture on page 39 shows an example of this type Luger. It is a 1913 WITH a stock lug and a serial number, 5486b. Note the "b" suffix.

I own a 1913 DWM in the "b" block; it has a stock lug; and is identical to the Simpson D-44 except for serial number.

It appears that there is nothing about the current Simpson listing (D-44) to indicate that it is a commercial Luger.

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