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Pictures of the upper half of a reworked 1913 Erfurt serial # 7445, bottom half is presently being cleaned so no photos, this luger is all matching except the replacement barrel done by simpson

Here is a Weimar police for Ed as I know this is his field.Enjoy the photos and when the rest is cleaned up it will be posted.

This luger has the police sear safety and a magazine serialed to the luger but with a blued crimped body and a police acceptance sunburst K so in essence a forced match by the weimar police or early Nazi's

The barrel has the police acceptance PT/eagle with the simpson proof eagle/33 and the digit # on the underside.

Grips and screws are proofed and original, no stock lug and the holdopen has been added as per the 1913 directives.

This luger shows hard use as the grips are worn smooth.

Main axle pin serialed with lugers last two digits

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 001.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 002.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 003.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 004.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 005.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 006.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 007.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 008.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 009.jpg

Download Attachment: erfurt1913 010.jpg

The last photo is not intended to offend our German members but to depict the end of a battle

Download Attachment: luger.jpg

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Hey James, send me the Erfurt, it obviously belongs in my collection :)

Very nice James, appreciate the time spent on posting such detail,


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What is the proofmark on the left side of the breechblock on top of the numbers ??

The proof mark is a simpson eagle, the firearm was quite dungy when I picked it up and bottom half is soaking right now so after I clean it up will post the other half,

one new picture of breechblock proof

Download Attachment: erfurt1913spot 001.jpg
242.1 KB

Have a nice simpson to post yet but that will be later, right now trying to keep up with commitments to get all the mausers posted but thought I'd picture the erfurt for Ed as he does a lot of work for this forum.

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Thanks Jim for the info.

I asked because a while back I passed on a ``kind of similar`` pistol. It was a 1914 dated Erfurt that had been Simson reworked ( bbl changed ) but had a breechblock with a ``Nazi Era`` firing proof. So I established it was a mis-matched piece & passed........

Yours is a genuine Reworked pistol & quite interesting........Cant wait to see your photos of the other Simson.....

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