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I am new to this board but not exactly new to Luger collecting, but I recently bought a 1914 Commercial - DWM with a 9mm 4" barrel. It has a stock lug, no grip safety, a wide trigger and no trigger guard. The receiver is a new short type with an unmarked chamber. It has a thumb safety "Gesichert" shows in down position. The new type extractor has Geladon on the left side. Grips are checkered walnut, the magazine has a wood base numbered to the gun. It is rust blue serial #6522. Matching 2 digits are on the breechblock, extractor, grips, receiver, takedown lever, toggle, and trigger. The full serial number is on the front of the frame and the bottom of the barrel. The proof mark is a nitro commercial proof and it is laying down on the frame, receiver, toggle and under the barrel. No other marks. It came with a holster with the takedown tool and there are no marks on it. This is not in the serial range that it is supposed to be in (70,000 to 74,500) according to the book I have. Does anyone know anything about this particular Luger?

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