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Hello, my gratitude to this extremely informative website. A friend of mine has a 1914 DWM Luger with all matching numbers except the clip which has 4814, what appears to be a U under that, possibly was an A but the top has worn, a + sign under that, then an eagle with three straight wings followed by the number 63 under that. Under the barrell it has 6450 with an 'a'. Numbers on the side are '50'(3places on left side)On top of the barrell is '6450' DWM is on top, 50 on top in the back. On the front sight there is a 'K'. The grips are wood and in fairly good shape. When the safety is up there is a '50' visable with the word GESICHERT. The grips have '50'and what looks like a '1'. There are what appears to be to two I's (maybe captain bars and the good eyes of my young son says there are two rifles crossing on one grip (left) On the right grip is a '50'. On the metal portion of the handle normally under the wood grips, are the letters: Left side first: the letter Y, S with what my son says something that looks like an eagle. A crescent with a kind of badge, maybe an eagle, something like a scythe or a crescent wrench, a 'B'there are two spots that appear as if they've been just touched with an electric torch (welding?) to cover them up, they look like they were both eagles. Also an F. On the right side: A 'X' an 'F'possibly an E?, what looks like a cross with the top extending out an down on the right kind of like a whip?. There are six riflings in the barrel, looks pretty good too. I'd bet its still accurate, probably better than the 45 I carried in the Corps! At the top of the frame under what would be the top of the grips on the right, is what looks like a 'P' with an X on the upright like the neo-nazi symbol of a P with an X on the bottom part. Anyways, my friend would like to sell it and was told by somebody that it was worth about $1500-1600. I'm curious and the fact that are only (4) numbers to the serial number makes me curious. Can anybody help me on this? Thanks in advance, nrs333. I'll follow through with some photos though they're not the best quality. Also, the bluing is worn off in much of the parts that would rub against a holster or whatever. BTW, the clip is not wood, it is blued with aluminum on the bottom where the stamps are. Sorry about that photo, will try again later.
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