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1914 Erfurt production numbers??

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Now that I have purchased a 1914 Erfurt I've been busy trying to find out all I can about it. What is puzzling is the production numbers. I don't have the book yet but I'm told Jan Still's book, "Imperial Lugers" states there we're only 7,000 units mfg. in 1914. I have one of Jan Still's books, "The Pistols of Germany and It's Allies In two World Wars" in which he states there were 25,000 Military Lugers made in 1914. Also curious is the lowest observed serial number is 2137 and mine is 668. Comments anyone? Thanks
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Yes, from what I understand, Vol One by Jan was revised upon further information coming forward from collectors and research.

Vol 1, The Pistols of Germany..., was published in 1982. Production numbers were based on data available at that time. Imperial Lugers was published in 1991 and, as Ed stated, contains updated information based on data not available pre-1982. The lowest reported serial # for a 1914 Erfurt P08 listed in Imperial Lugers at the time the reference was published was Sn 504.
Thanks for the update, I really appreciate it. Is the book, "Imperial Lugers" out of print now?
See this thread; http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=282

Jans Imperial is out of stock, however, others are available and I would buy them if you are interested.


Also consider that there were -two- manufacturers of Military Lugers in 1914 Erfurt and DWM. From "Imperial Lugers" Erfurt's estimated production of standard 4" barrel guns was 7,000; DWMs estimated production was 35,000.

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