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Your have a German military accepted 1914 Mauser. Some of these in the 160000-170000 serial range are reported with an additional “Prussian” eagle on the front trigger guard. Yours, serial number 55554, is out of the usual range. However, this additional eagle is attributed to a directive dated 32, July 1918. Auxiliary pistols are to be marked with an Imperial Eagle of the largest size to prevent theft. Stamping to be accomplished by military Armorers.( See Still Volume I page 46 and Gortz page 129)

The eagle on your M 1914 is similar (but not exactly like) to that found on later Mauser 1914 and Mauser Red 9's, Sauer’s, Beholla’s, Steyr 1912 and even occasionally the P08.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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