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Michael, I understand the wanting to shoot every gun you own, but it might not be the smartest thing to do with all of your guns?

A $1,500 85% Artillery, you break the breechblock or another major numbered part, doesn't this knock about $800 off of its value?

I have some Lugers I shoot and several "collector" guns that I simply can't afford to have broken or damaged. Money isn't the main reason I collect guns and specifically lugers, but to have a Weimar Police Luger worth $1,000 of hard earned money, and break a numbered part, well when it comes to re-sale, it is worth half the value to the vast majority of collectors in the USA.

quote:Any wear that it incurs in your custody will become part of its history.
I have a really nice, original 1914, police, and if I carried it in a holster and shot it, it would develop a lot of wear over time, I know because I have a 1914 Artillery reblue, and it has honest wear from me using it over the years. When I bought it in the early 1980's, it was brand-new looking and over the years, use has made the wear normally, wear away. So, if it had been a pristine 96% gun, it now would be a 93%, I would have lost a lot of the value of the gun.

And Michael, I would take an honest original condition gun with history, any day over a desk drawered condition gun that sat its way through the war on the shelf or in the drawer.

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