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I happened to stumble into this 1915 DWM Luger yesterday. It's is a 1915 DWM #6522c and all matching including magazine. It came with a second wood bottom magazine, yet only one is matching. Second magazine appears to be in the same period in c block numbered #6358c. I field stripped the Luger at the gun shop and everything matches, firing pin, hold open, safety, slide, frame, toggle. I am not sure on the grips as I need to take a good better look with magnifying glass.

Just in case you are wondering, price was $600.00 plus sales tax. I guess all my pounding the pavement over the years looking for Lugers is starting to pay off.

Any commits would be much appreciated.



Download Attachment: 100_1632.jpg

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Looks great, all original blue? (pictures are darker on this computer screen).

The 2nd mag, boy, a lot of folks would be happy getting one that close to the serial number, let alone having a matching and one so close. Makes you wonder, same unit and they got mixed up? Or maybe Years of looking and the previous owner found this, or by luck? For $600, it doesn't sound like it was a long-time collector you bought it from...


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Dear Ed:

Bluing I am sure is 100% correct to the best of my knowledge. It's kinda a long story and don't know all of it but going to ask when I pick it up my Luger.

On my way home from a sales call in the Northwood's here in upstate New York I stopped into a Sports Shop & Feed Store. I didn't know if they sold handguns but figured worth a look. I was shocked to see this Luger with two wood bottom magazines. I was almost afraid to ask to see it and price. Did I said I was in the middle of nowhere. Well, the kid behind the counter said it belongs to the owner of a hardware store in the next town and he dropped it off yesterday to see what it was worth. Kid said I needed to speak to his father who sets the prices on all the firearms and was the one dealing with the seller.

Long story short, the owner's wife wanted all his guns out of the house. He had two handguns, this 1915 DWM Luger and a Smith & Wesson model K22, .22LR in 98% and it is a 5 SCREW made in 1951 for $150.00!! Needless to say I purchased both of them. Now I need to speak with the previous owner to see what the history is on this Luger.

Ed, the previous owner of this Luger I do not believe was a collector. My guess is that the second magazine has been with this Luger for a long time. I believe this to be true especially since both are in the same excellent condition.

I wonder how Luger & their magazines were marked in the early days. The reason I say this is because it looks like on this Luger the first two digits and the last two digits appear to be stamped at a different time or different person. If you look at picture # 3 above which shows the serial number on the front of the frame shows the last two digits, 22 are stamped a little lower then the first two digits.

On the 7th picture of the bottom of the magazine, the last two digits. #22 are stamped a little higher than the first two digits.

I will post additional pictures once I pick it up!



Dear George, Nice Luger, great condition and an unbeatable price.
I don't think you want to revisit the northern regions of up-State,
N.Y. alone, once word of this sale gets around. I am, however, willing to accompany you on future trips!!! Regards, Skip

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Dear Skip:

Sounds good to me. However, we must agree that on all Luger, P38, FN, Beretta's and all other WW1 & WW11 choice handguns whoever get's them in their hand first has first choice at purchasing them.

Being the Gentleman that you are I am confident you will have no problems agreeing to these terms!

Your buddy,


PS Did I mention that my truck passenger side door will not open from the inside? heh, heh, heh!
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