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1915 DWM - Police reissue (1)

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The attached photographs are of my 1915 DWM Police reissue. Arguably this particular pistol may have been issued later than 1933 as it has a sear safety but lacks a magazine safety or any provisions for the mag. safety. Also the magazine has a Schmeisser Police style body, although it retains the wooden base presumably from an earlier magazine.

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The holster is numbered to the pistol under the front flap, it is also numbered to an earlier pistol on the back. There appear to me two sets of Police property markings on the back of the holster that have been X'd out. I believe they begin with P. S. for the Police school at Stetin.


regards, heinz
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This photo is of the hoster back


regards, heinz

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The pistol with magazine and a close up of the magazine spine and bottom




regards, heinz
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Close up of modified stitching showing conversion of holster from army issue. This is consistent with the 1915 holster date.


regards, heinz
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Here are the full Imperial proofs still on frame and the serial numbers on frame and lower barrel



regards, heinz
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These two pictures show the Imperial barrel proof on the right of the barrel and a stange proof on the left side of the barrel. The barrel appears to be original form the serial numbering and the witness mark, However it has been reblued recently (It was in rough shape). The proof on the left side appears to be some sort of Police arsenal or army acceptance or proof. Open to suggestions on this one.



regards, heinz
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Last Picture is of the takedown lever as it shows some of the evidence of pitting before the pistol was reblued. As can be seen some detail in the barrel proofs may have been lost in the rework.


regards, heinz
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Good photos. Thanks for sharing.

I think that I have a holster that was supposed to be from a police school. I am going to have to look for it & compare.


Look closely at the PS markings on your holster. I don't find a Police School at Stetin marking in Görtz & Bryans "German Small Arms Markings", but they do list P.S. as the Police School at Sachsen and PS. as the Police School at Sensburg--note the difference in the periods.


If your holster is marked HP. or H.P. please note if it includes a weapon number, also post that information with pictures if possible, thanks.

Thanks Dwight, You are correct. I should never trust my memory.
P.S. = Police School Sachsen

Charlie, I would appreciate your information. I do not have to look so far to go through my two holsters ;)

regards, heinz
Always nice to see Police Lugers Heinz ~~grinning~~~

For the sake of completeness and to acknowledge Dwigt Gruber's work:I have added a picture of the witness mark on this 1915 reissue. Bear in mind this pistol was reblued so some of the metal upset around the mark may have been polished off but I think not much from the look of it.

Download Attachment: witness.jpg

regards, heinz
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Holster marked:

Front of holster:

Download Attachment: H.P.92-2a.jpg
33.59 KB

This was converted from a military holster (as is indicated from the next pictures):

Download Attachment: H.P.92-3a.jpg
60.5 KB


Download Attachment: H.P.92-7a.jpg
101.55 KB
(This latter image has been lightened to show detail. Actually the holster is black.)

Rear of holster:

Download Attachment: H.P.92-4a.jpg
48.12 KB

View of markings on rear of holster:

Download Attachment: H.P.92-6a.jpg
45.82 KB

(This latter image has been lightened to show detail. Actually the holster is black.)

View of holster - open:

Download Attachment: H.P.92-8a.jpg
31.96 KB

View of markings on front of holster:

Download Attachment: H.P.91-9a.JPG
82.66 KB
(This latter image has been lightened to show detail. Actually the holster is black.)

View of markings on magazine:

Download Attachment: H.P.92-10a.jpg
53.35 KB
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Thanks CPW, nice holster!

More police items, always appreciated.

Thanks Charlie! Very nice photos. It is interesting to note that your holster closure strap has beeen moved to a straight vertical position while mine is not moved too far from the military angle. Also I note your magazine has an aluminum bottom on what appears to be a seamed magazine. Apart from these small details the overall appearance is very similar.
I have your 3 Luger books (Imperial, Wiemar, Nazi) and think they are far superior to any others I own or have seen. Police reworks are of most interest to me, therefore your Wiemar book is my favorite. On page 128 of that book you state "few Berlin police Lugers survive . . ." . While my collection is small, I do have two Lugers with S. B. markings on the front strap.
My question: Has new evidence caused you to modify your conclusion or am I just lucky?
Samuel E.
The excellent photographs and presentations were by Heinz and cpw.

On page 128 of that book you state "few Berlin police Lugers survive . . ."

The Berlin Police had by far more Lugers than any other German police force. As I recall the property numbers reach over 12000. In the last days of World War II, they along with the Hitler Youth were called on to battle the Russians as Hitler made his last stand in Berlin. I suspect that most were taken by the Russians. When Weimar Lugers published in 1993 few Berlin police Lugers had been reported. However, with the recent import of Russian Lugers a number more have been reported.
I tried to reply to your emails directly and through the forum but got rejected both times...perhaps a spam filter. I'll try this route.

Thank you very much for the reference to this thread. It is very helpful and timely for my research.

I was unable to download your photo of the marks on the back of your holster to examine them more carefully. Would you please email it to me? These marks may be very significant to my research on Weimar Prussian police school marks.

Also, does the 1915 DWM Luger have a unit mark on the front grip strap? If so, what is it? Am I correct in reading the pistol's serial number as 8513b?

Thank you again for this valuable information. You'll probably see it included in an article I'm preparing on these police school marks.
RE: Haenel magazines with wooden bottom.

In 1935 police crimped type magazine bodies were to eventually be replaced by extruded magazines. It appears that old parts could be added to these new extruded (really welded) bodies. Which is appaerntally what happened to you wooden bottom Haenel magazine (see page 132-133 Gortz, "German Small Arms Markings".
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