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This Question is for Jan. Recently acquired 1915 DWM PO8 sn 1608i. Front grip strap is marked 1.G.R.1.M.G.K.4. Am I correct in my assumption that this mark is from the 1st Prussian Grenadiers Regiment, 1st Machine Gun Company, 4th weapon? How can I get some information on this unit?
The pistol is really in above average condition. I will try to post some pictures tomarrow. Any and all info on this unit would be greatly appreciated.
Jared V.

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Your Luger’s unit mark is not exactly according to regulations. “ 1.R.” signifies the first Grenadier Regiment. However, “G.R .” is sometimes used to signify Grenadier Regiment (This marking is not exactly according to rules and there are other less likely possibilities.).

Your are correct.
* 1915 DWM, s/n 1608i : 1.G.R.1.M.G.K.4. Signifies 1st Grenadier-Regiment, 1st Maschinengewehr-Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 4

The honor name for this regiment is:
Grenadier-Regiment Kronprinz (1. Ostpreussisches) Nr. 1
It was founded in 1655 and its home base is Konigsberg.
It was part of the 1st Infantry Division during World War I.

Information covering this Division is found in "The Histories of 251 German Divisions that Fought in the Great War".
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