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Here's the latest, a 1915 DWM. Not much to say about it, it is just bread-and-butter, a decent example to help build up a complete selection of Imperial German Army Lugers.

It is estimated that 105,000 standard Lugers were manufactured in this year.

It may be hard to see, but the chamber firing proof is the DWM-style Eagle, the breechblock proof is the Erfurt style. Sear bar is not relieved. The grips are numbered inside to the gun, but the stamps are so light that they do not show up in a photograph. Magazine is not matched.
Download Attachment: 1915-2-LaSmall.jpg
Download Attachment: 1915-2-RSmall.jpg
Download Attachment: 1915-2-upperSmall.jpg
Download Attachment: 1915-2-BottomSmall.jpg
Download Attachment: 1915-2-WMSmall.jpg

The witness mark is perfect, that is, one strike by a single instrument, undisturbed. This is the only kind of witness mark which can reveal anything about the barrel/receiver combination.


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Dwight, Pretty nice. 1915 is my favorite year. Just a personal thing.
Is the letter suffix a j? Can't make it out on my 6" screen.( should sell a Luger and buy a decent computer..NAH!! Mine is #6682b. If you ever run across any decent Luger deals up around "Pert Land", that you'er not interested in. Let me know. I may just "whizz" on up and check them out. Thanks! Ron

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Dwight, for me also 1915 has a special meaning. That's why I examined your DWM pics with much attention. It looks very fine, nice state of original blueing, undoubtfully wit the original barrel. Certainly more than 'bread and butter' to me.
Thanks for showing this to us.
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