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Help Please: I recently acquired a WWI DWM 9mm. Luger manufactured 1916 and redated 1920. The pistol is in good to excellent condition and has all matching numbers and appropriate inspection marks. It has a sear saftey, but no magazine safety. I need your help interpreting the reissue stamping that appears on the front strap; It is stamped S.Anh.7. . The serial number is 610 l.
Thank you for any help.


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Skip, as you know, it started life as a WW1 DWM, then in 1920 received the 1920 Property stamp marking by the Reichswehr, and at some point it was issued to the Weimar Police (the sear safety was placed on it after 1933).

S.Anh.7 could equal Schutzpolizei but the Anh doesn't equal anything I have in Weimar Lugers, An would be Aachen...
Gortz does have that this equals anything under police markings either...


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Thanks to all of you for identifying my pistol's unit markings.
The last character of the serial number is the lower case letter
"L". Skip
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