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This started life as a 1916 DWM Lange Pistol, then was reworked by the Weimar government and issued to the police. It is a “double date” DWM 1916/1920, in nice shape, with a matching magazine and holster, further, the grips match and the matching holster is a reworked artillery holster. The serial number is 6135a, and it was originally an 1916 artillery Luger. It is interesting how they kept the holster for it, as the holster, which not only matches, but was originally an artillery holster, just as the pistol was originally an artillery pistol to start with. (The magazine was probably matched in a police armory, and overall it is in nice shape).

Being a police model, it has a sear safety but never had a magazine safety. Some information about Sear safety’s; they were put onto police lugers in 1933;
quote: Prussian State Police Orders dated August 30, 1933, and almost certainly adopted later by the National Police. Many also bear the magazine safety which was introduced by the same orders.
For it to miss having the magazine safety it more than likely was in storage or in an area not under the immediate jurisdiction where it was required to put a magazine safety on. Later it was decided that magazine safeties were not to go onto the guns, so they were either removed or not put onto guns once they came into police possession. Then later all police came under the same jurisdiction and it is supposed that then sear safeties were placed onto the other guns.

According to Jan Still in Imperial Lugers, 1991, there were 140,000 DWM 1916 pistols made, with another 20,000 made into the Long P.08, so in reality, there were not a lot made.

The barrel has been re-barreled at one point, as evidenced by the cut in the receiver above, and the new toggle. Artillery barrels had a sight on them, and once changed to a 4-inch configuration, a new toggle is required.

This gives a good example of the differences in the P.08 and the LP08, both pictures are from Imperial Lugers, with my 1916 on the bottom right.

The holster is stamped JA. Stanient 1916 Berlin and then unit marked to B. A. IV on the interior flap and stamped and I am not sure what it means. I looked it up, but I am unsure. It has a capital B. (period) but then does not have a period after the A, then the IV. Otherwise my guess is Army Corps clothing depot #4?

Also, I believe that the front grip strap had a unit mark at one time and it has been taken off.

It is all correct and in about 95% condition.
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