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I have recently purchased a 1916 P08 and don't know much about it. I work at the local gun shop and this pistol just grabbed my attention. I don't have hardly any military firearms in my personal collection and my knowledge is definatly lacking. I have been unable to find much info on the net. It came with a holster and two mags. The holster is for a p-38 and not the p-08. The serial number is 81XXb and has DWM on top. It has a 4 inch barrel. There are four proof marks stamped on the right side of the barrel. The two in the middle are the same stamp. I am interested in any info that might be available. I do have pictures if they will help.The bottom of the mags are plastic and have a very little stamp of what looks like an eagle and then 37 under them. There is also a fxo and then p.08 on them. Both magazines have the same stamps on them. This fine weapon is not for sale but I am interested in what the value might be. All of the number match, even the ones on the back of the grips. Someone shaved down the grips at some point.
I can't seem to get a good picture of the proof stamps on the right side.

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Thanks, Troy

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Troy, some things about your luger:

Made 1916 by the firm of DWM, there were 140,000 made in that year for WW1, so yours was the 281xx made that year (they serialed 1-10000, then 1a-10000a, then the "b" series, "c' etc.)

Your magazines are later than the imperial time frame, from the WW2 era, as WW1 models came with numbered wood bases.

More pictures is always nice, try to show it from many angles. The grips are rather funny "shaved", as the smooth part looks okay, yet the checkered part still remained towards the top? Must be an odd story there?

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