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1916 Steyr

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Stopped by local gun shop this afternoon and saw a Steyr 1916 for sale. Did not have a digital camera so was not able to take pictures to post. On the right side of trigger guard was WM16 and serial number is 9053. There is a K stamped on many places.

Gun seems to be matching and in 60-70% overall. They are asking $400.00. Is this something I should have in my collection?


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Dear Friends:

Here are the pictures of the Steyr. Any information would be much appreciated.


Download Attachment: 100_0630.jpg

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Download Attachment: 100_0632.jpg

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Dear Paolo:

Many thanks for the information on this Steyr Hahn. My thinking is the more the better when it comes to pictures. However I sometimes forget that others do not have broadband cable internet connection and the pictures take a long time to download!

Thanks again Paolo for your posting and I assure you I will not post so many pictures on my next posting. However, I did reduce the pictures from 2576X1932 to 800x600 resolution! Thanks again my friend.


Dear Paolo:

I did not know how to field strip the pistol so I do not know if matching or not. I have a book that shows how to field strip the pistol and I attempt this to see if matching. I read somewhere that there are 4 places that are stamped with matching numbers, frame, slide, barrel and another I forget at the moment.

With the slide pulled back I did not see any numbers on he barrel. One thing I did notice that the screw right above the safety on left side of the gun is out to far and the safety lever will not go all the way up. I guess the crew just has to be screwed further.

Are these pistols pretty straight forward field stripping or does it get tricky.

Regarding my Bavarian Steyr Hahn 1916 M12, I am please to advise that the barrel is matching to the gun and bore is great!

I was able to field strip it and re assembled it with out to much trouble. First times are always an adventure.

However, in two different reference gun books, it states to always insert the takedown latch bar from the right to left. However one book says to insert the takedown latch bar with the arrow up and the other says with arrow down. Would appreciates some options in this regard.

Also on the top of the slide, right behind the rear site, there is a number 2 followed by letter C. Can someone advise what these stamps mean.

Thanks again for all the information.


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I am looking to purchase some reloadable 9mm Steyr ammo.


Dear David:

I see Fiocchi makes it but they are currently out of stock and non in the pipeline! A distributor quoted me @34.99/box or 50 rounds. May I ask from who you purchased it do you have a lower price and do they stock it?


Dear Dave:

Thanks for the information. I attended the Albany, New York show this weekend with 450 tables and there was no 9mm Steyr to be had!. There were two ammo suppliers there however neither had the 9mm Steyr. My guess is because it is on backorder from Fiocchi.

I generally attend the Big E Gun Show in West Springfield, MA but next show is not until June 2005.

How many tables is the Forks of the Delaware Gun Show? I have never attended that show. It appears that it would be a 4-1/2 hour drive and that's a pretty good haul.

I would appreciate if and when you find Big Steve of United Cartridges telephone number so I could purchase from him. I don't need a case cause this Steyr Hahn is not something I am going to shoot on a regular basis. Once I have 150-200 empties I reload and will be all set.

Dave, what do you do with your spent 9mm Steyr brass? Possibly I could purchase it from you?

Thanks again for your help.


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Dear Dave:

Have you been peeking over my shoulder? I can tell by your description that you must have attended the Albany, New York Gun Show as well. Yes you are 100% correct. Then I have meet Big Steve on several occasions as he is at most of the gun shows I attend. Since he is out of stock and Fiocchi has non on the way I do not believe he will have any 9mm Steyr available in the near future.

MY FRIEND DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you reload, could you spare a box of Fiocchi 9mm Steyr if you happen to have one available? If not I understand.

The stuff in see online e bay I sure is Berdan(SP?) primers and would be a SOB to reload.

I guess I best keep on looking.



PS Where about in New York are you located? Northern or Southern?
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Dear Dave:

No problem at all. Something that is scarce as hens teeth is not something one was to get rid of.

I found some GECO 9mm Steyr ammo made in Germany. It's a fair price but I am sure that this does not have a boxer primer and not reloadable.

I would appreciate if someone would confirm this.



Download Attachment: 9mm steyr ammo.jpg
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Many thanks for your response. I did not think this GECO 9mm Steyr was reloadable but I am not at all familiar with the 1912 Steyr Hahn I recently purchased or the ammo so thought it best to ask.

Dave, when you said $16.00-$22.00 for the Fiocchi was that for a box of 50 rounds? If it was, the price I was quoted at $34.95 is pretty high. Yet I guess it reverts back to supply and demand! No one has it so up it goes.



For $34.95 per box of 50 rounds of Fiocchi 9mm Steyr this is not the time to buy! Thanks for all your advice.


I attended the Allentown, PA Gun Show yesterday and meet up with a fellow a board member, David Borjes. It was a 3-1/2 hour drive from upstate New York.

I was rewarded in finding a Steyr Hahn dated 1916 serial #4688 with no suffix. The pistol is around 90% and came with two stripper clips and a nice 1916 marked holster in excellent condition. Oh, price was $400.00. It is truly amazing that something can survive in this condition after 90 years. It show honest wear and has been well cared for. I arrived at the show around noon and purchased the pistol around 3:00 pm. I was shocked that no one had purchased it as the Steyr holster is as rare as hens teeth. The holster has the two ammo pouches in the front. It was also marked with makers name but I did not make a note of it.

In the above posting Paolo states that these Steyr M12 were made for the Bavarian Army since they have no letter suffix and were numbered 1 through 16,000. I sure would appreciate if someone could advise me in what book this information is contained?

I will post pictures when my pistol arrives.


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I picked up my Bavarian Steyr Hahn last night. For being 90 years old it is truly amazing how some things survive. This rig obviously meant a great deal to someone as it was well cared for.

The back of the holster is marked N.BURGHARD PASING 1916. There is another stamp on the holster on the front to the left of the stripper clip pouches. It appears to be AWM 16. Would appreciate any information on this marking.

The two stripper clip that came with the rig appear to be original and stamped SB in a circle.

I was very lucky to find this rig. I am still amazed that it was on display all morning and no one purchased it. I have to thank fellow board member, David Borjes for insisting that I make the show.



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