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I have a 1917/1920 Erfurt with the unit marking of Jnf. F. v.51.
From what I can tell it's from the Infantriefuhrer der 5th Division waffe no. 51.

Would anyone know if this is correct?

Any idea of what type of unit this was?

Thanks, Brent_B

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Hi Brent,
Welcome to the Ward. Your translation is correct. A Weimar Reichswehr Infantry unit mark. Actually "Infantry Leader". I'm not sure if this is a designation for specific individual. Such as an Officer or NCO?

Can you post photos of the pistol and marking?


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Ron: thanks for answering. I've got an older digital camera that's good for my business but lousy at close-ups. I'll see if my computer guru can bring his good camera and post some for me but it might be a couple of days. Thanks, Brent
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