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1917 artillery luger

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a local gun shope has a 1917 dwm artillery luger all matching except clip.but clip is wood base with nickel? body,i,m not real good at grading condition but i would say it,s in very good condition real good strawing,only real wear is side plate blue is almost all gone, no pitting that i can see he wants 1750 for it he may take 1500 cash for it is that a bad price,i have a friend who is thinking of buying it.thanks
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Here is one (1917 DWM Artillery Luger) that apparently has recently sold at Simpson ltd for $1,395.


Here is another 1917 DWM Artillery at FGS that they have for sale for $2,895 that includes a matching magazine.


I would say the one you are reporting about is certainly worth in the $1,400 to $1,600 range but it is hard to say without some detailed pictures.

I bought a 1915 DWM Artillery Luger (all matching metal and grips but not the magazine) at the Reno Gun Show a year ago for $1,475 in about the condition you describe and the 1915 is somewhat more rare than a 1917.

Good luck and if your friend buys it see if you can take some pictures and post on this forum.
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my friend passed on it he said it was a commercial model,did they make non military ones?.thanks
Depending on what your friend means by "commercial model", it can either be boogered-up or worth twice what they are asking for it. How does he determine it is commercial?

Quite a few LP08s were recycled in Germany during the twenties and exported to the commercial US market and others.
he,s a fellow collector he work,s part time at the shop his name is a blank to me right now, it looks right as rain to me the blueing is even the straw is good andy & dewayne the guys who run the shop and own it sware it,s original the reason the man name is a blank to me is i have only met him one time i have seen forced match gun before it dose,t look that way to me i have seen thors work unless they have aged it and put holster ware like the side plate etc it,s even it looks good to me how can i tell the different it has imperarl poofs from commeral it has a wood base mag not matching no import stamps.
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