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1917 Cut-Down Artillery Holster...

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Thanks to Randy Bessler for the sale and Jerry Burney for a closure strap and lift-out strap replacement/repair, this 1917 cut-down Artillery holster is in my home. Have a decent 1913/1920 Erfurt police-modified Luger that I thought would make a nice put-together rig...since both may have spanned two (2) Luger eras :

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Nice holster Pete. I like the cleaning rod pouch
Excellent photographs and presentation of a scarce holster.
Pete, I did not notice on first look that this holster appeears to have never been converted to belt mounting loops. Is that correct?
Hello Heinz,

I think you are correct. I cannot see any other stitching holes where a pair of permanently attached belt loops (sewn to the back of the holster) might have been. If this one was used by Weimar police, they must have used the removable belt loops shown in E. Bender's big book on page 235. But I do not see much/any evidence that a luger ever spent much time in this holster.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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