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Over the weekend I purchased this decent conditioned example:

Download Attachment: 1917Steyr1.JPG

Download Attachment: 1917Steyr2.JPG

I noticed that the trigger action was smoother than expected.
Were lanyards regularly issued for use with these pistols?
Being numbered in the mid W block, I would expect that it was
made quite late in 1917. There are no unit markings on the gun.
Did Austria also abandon the use of unit marks in 1916 when the
Germans did away with theirs?

The same dealer also had an 08 and Eagle/L marked example.
What I found quite unusual about that one is that the slide
was numbered 50o, while the frame was numbered 50u. Aside
from being a very low number, I can't quite picture how the
number blocks got mismatched. These guns weren't renumbered
when the Germans refurbished them, were they?
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