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Just picked up my first and only P-08. I am familiar with the basic history of the "double stamp" but I have some questions. The pistol is in very good condition with 98% bluing and no pitting. It is stamped 1920/1917. Serial number is 889x (no letters). Frame has all the usual marks and all numbers match including grips but not mag. Mag is fyo, 37 with a black plastic pull. The bore is excellent however it does not appear to be original. The barrel has no markings except a very small stamped 62 under the barrel by the frame. Frame is also stamped with a crown over RC. Unit markings indicate 17th Reserve Infantry No.51. My questions are: The condition of the pistol does not indicate that it would have needed a barrel replacement. Any thoughts on this? Also what would have been the proper marked magazine for it (Wood pulls, etc..) Any other notes are appreciated. Thanks.

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Larry, welcome to the forum.

I have to guess that the barrel was screwed up, pitted, bent or something and a replacement barrel was put onto it. I would say post-war, since it isn't marked like a weimar or nazi era replacement would have been marked. Also possible that it was sold as a 7.65mm and someone changed the barrel to be 9mm?

A proper magazine would be a wood based one, as aluminum were not started until the 1930's.

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