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1917 DWM Unit marking Question

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I just received this gun...1917 DWM #334c with 9K.M.C.1. 1. marked on the grip strap...anyone know what this means...Thanks...Peter...

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Peter, Doubs
Re: 1917 DWM #334c with 9K.M.C.1. 1. (The stamps seem to have a halo of sorts).

I can only guess at this marking: The 9K may signify 9Th Company, the M may signify a munitions column, the C is very unusual in a unit marking (perhaps it is a broken "G"). the last 1 signifies the weapons number. The marking may be only partial.
Perhaps Klaus or Jeff can deciper this.
The Berlin 29 January 1909 regulations for marking the P08 (section E)"To mark Pistolen 08, the right grip and the magazine shall be removed. The frame must be placed on a solid base." See Gortz and Bryans page 17.) Rarely a unit stamp will dent the grip strap as shown above.

I do not believe someone would deliberately put such a crude partial unit mark on a Luger to enhance its value. It detracts from rather than adds to its value. Rather than a fake marking, I would suggest that it was poorly applied late in World War I.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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