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1918 DWM and Holster

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This DWM 1918 represents a typical late war DWM P08. THe serial number 9723 ns would indicate early 1918 production. The pistol is matching except for the magazine. It has a C. Leschner and Co. holster in excellent condition and unmatched takedown tool. This pistol has no unit markings although there is some indescipherable writing inside the right grip panel. The unmarked rear connecting pin is a replacement.

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The color of the holster here is about right. Later photos make it appear lighter than it is. Since this is an extra nice holster with a realatively common P08 I will show the holster first. The back of the holster is marked with the LZA/eagle/Koln

Download Attachment: LZA.jpg
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Under the front flap the makers stamp with the 1918 date appears

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A view of the stiching on the top of the holster shows the quality of workmanship that continued into 1918.

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Continued in next post
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This series will show the pistol noting some of the production changes making the 1918 slightly less well finished than 1914 and earlier lugers but certainly not crude or "last ditch" in any sense.

This is the right side inspector acceptance marks and DWM eagle proof on the reciever. The eagle has been somewhat hastily applied and the alignment of the stamps is not as neat as in earlier production

Download Attachment: inspProf.jpg
This series shows the reciever serial number, the witness mark and the erfurt proof on the barrel and on the breechblock. Note the spot wear on the breech toggle suggesting clearances were a bit tight in that area.

Download Attachment: frameno.jpg

Download Attachment: witmark.jpg

Download Attachment: image19180018.jpg

Download Attachment: breech.jpg

Download Attachment: brewear.jpg

There also appears to be more milling marks left at the rear of the frame than would have been the custom in earlier production.

continued on next post

Download Attachment: milling.jpg
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The internal parts are not quite so well finished but are perfectly functional and quite well machined.

Download Attachment: action.jpg

Download Attachment: axel.jpg

The beech grips are serial numbered 23 in small letters. There are some extra pictures of the left grip for anyone who would like to decipher the ink marking.

Download Attachment: grips.jpg

Download Attachment: Img0289.jpg

Download Attachment: Img0290.jpg

For completeness here is the unmatched magazine and loading tool. If they match your Erfurt let me know.

Download Attachment: magbot.jpg

Download Attachment: skatekey1.jpg

Download Attachment: skatekey2.jpg

One last picture. It appears from the wear this 1918 DWM has been fired a signicant number of times. The bore is still in very good to excellent condition. The beech grips show some wear and are in the coarser checkering pattern used late in the war. Still, a very solid pistol with minimal compromises in fit, a little more compromise in finish.

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Great photos and essay Heinz, moved my posting down here, till you were done.

Good pics,

Excellent and detailed series of posts on your 1918 DWM.
Thanks for your posts.

From the pictures it appears that this pistol may have a perfect witness mark. Is this indeed the case?

Dwight, the witness mark is perfect. A contributing factor may be that the diameter of the barrel flange almost exactly matches the reciever radius at the mark location.
Ed and Jan, Thanks!
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