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1918 DWM Artillery site base markings.

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Dear Friends:

On my 1918 DWM Artillery Luger, all numbers are matching. However, I have a question regarding markings on rear sight base. The rear sight has the numbers #39 stamped in three different places, top left front, infront of sight blade and on right side of adjustment.

When the rear sight is all the way up, one can see the base screw. To the right of this screw there is a letter R stamped into the base. To the left of the base screw, the is a number 96 stamped.

Since the sight base is one piece, how or why would it have two different numbers stamped on it?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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The three #'s (39) should be the last two numbers of your serial number. They are on my two Artillery's. The othe letters/numbers I do not know what they are. If those three numbers don't match the serial, it's possible the rear sight was replaced at sometime in it's history.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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