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Being new to Luger collecting maybe someone can help identify the unit markings on this Luger. The chamber is marked 1918, toggle DWM, sn 5121 with what appears to be a lower case L.
The unit markings are on the backstrap above the stock lug and are RJR 212.9K.7. They appear to be hand stamped.
In reviewing other unit markings it appears that they are on the front strap rather than the rear. The Luger is in great shape with a non matching but proper mag.

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Re your: 1918 DWM, sn 5121 L unit marked on backstrap: RJR 212.9K.7. which signifies: Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 212, 9 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 7. The 212 Reserve Infantry Regiment was part of the 45. Res Division which battled on the Western Front during World War I.

Photographs would be most welcome.

There are two additional hand guns marked to the 212 Regiment:
* FL Selbstlader, s/n 50168 (Army C/scriptic): R.J.R.212.10.K.8. - (Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 212, 10 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 8)
* 1918 ERFURT, s/n 218m: R.J.R.212.9K.18. - (Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 212, 9 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 18)

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There are lots of experts here, but you have to ask for what you are looking for?

Also, it is much better to start your own thread, rather than an old posting.

Welcome to the forum Steven.

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