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1918 DWM

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Gentlemen, Hers one to rattle your brains. Yesterday I was at OGCA and spotted a really clean looking Imperial Luger. Being curious I asked and was shown the pistol, agreed upon a price ,and walked away with it, happy I may say. The DWM 1918 is in near new,four inch barrel, late war blued finish& all matching except the magazine, which is single crown letter proofed ,but not numbered to the pistol. What Is unique about the pistol is the four digit serial number 48XX 'L" , thats right "L".The right side of the receiver is marked with the Imperial Eagle and only one"!" crown letter proof ,instead of the usual three and a eagle.Grips are clean checkered walnut and the bore is a mirror.Imperial Lugers states no "L" block lugers reported. The "L" is a low case script font, on frame and barrel serial. Barrel proofs and serail numbers are all in the usual locations. Any body else seen or heard of this serail arnge being discovered? Talk to me friends.I can send off pics on a direct e-mail person to person. I have not mastered this machine as yet. Best Dave
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Not a problem. By 1991 no one had -reported- an l block serial#, in a series which reportedly continued through the s block. It is no surprise that in the succeeding years Lugers would surface to fill in the data tables.

The single inspector's stamp is much more unusual, although not unknown--iirc if you peruse these Forums you will find at least one other. I know of no explanation for it.

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