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1918 Erfurt , 6320t, missing inspector marks

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This is a very late 1918 Erfurt; s/n 6320t with Erfurt-proofed magazine 7565t(+). There are some odd things about this gun: no eagle proofs on the barrel, right reciever, left side of toggle; no bore diameter on barrel (but the s/n is present as is an RC stamp over a c/letter inspector mark); forward two crowns on right frame have no inspector letters under them; right side of magazine release button has no proofmark. The side plate isn't quite rectangular - the top edge angles downward a bit back-to-front. Also the gun is not as roughly machined as most late Erfurts.

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You wrote that you saw a picture of a 1933 kl Erfurt on page 184 of automag. The Erfurt plant was shut down by the allies after the first great war as the allied commission viewed the large Erfurt plant as a threat to rearmament.

Did you mean a DWM luger with only two proofs/acceptance marks

The term used by Jan Still "lunchbox special" is also called a "sneak luger" in that the luger was pulled of the assembly line to be exported out of the factory via the lunchbox and this could have happened as well as the potential to blue the firearm, no one actually knows all the possibilities that could have occured in that time.
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