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I went to a local gunshow yesterday and to my surprise found this rig. I am willing to bet several collectors walked by this and dismissed it simply because the Luger and Holster were not perfect (or near perfect) but I look at everything. You never know what you might happen upon. This is not in my collecting area, but considering it was "almost" dirt cheap (just a 'bit more than a shooter) I went ahead and let go of my hard earned pennies. Any matched rig in any condition is rare.

Pics of undated and AWM (Artillerie-Werkstatt Munchen, Workshop 2) marked Holster made by N. Burghard. Holster is also unit marked with ink stamp inside.

Download Attachment: MVC-297F.JPG
39.2 KB

Download Attachment: MVC-298F.JPG
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Download Attachment: MVC-299F.JPG
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The pics of the pistol show lots of wear and pitting on barrel and front of frame area, but the bore is excellent with no heavy pitting. The gripstraps are in excellent shape. The strawed parts still retain their color with the exception of the disassembly lever.

Download Attachment: MVC-300F.JPG
54.45 KB

Download Attachment: MVC-301F.JPG
45.89 KB

Erfurt Proof Marks and Crown/RC(Revisions-Commission)

Download Attachment: MVC-302F.JPG
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Download Attachment: MVC-303F.JPG
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Download Attachment: MVC-307F.JPG
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Download Attachment: MVC-308F.JPG
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Pics of the matching numbered magazines

Download Attachment: MVC-304F.JPG
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Download Attachment: MVC-305F.JPG
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Download Attachment: MVC-306F.JPG
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To bad the previous owner did not take the appropriate measures to preserve this rig. When this pistol was captured, I don't think it was in this condition.

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Very nice old Erfurt you found, you say that the holster is also unit marked, would the front grip strap on the luger be marked 8.J.R. also as in 8th jaeger regiment. Always a plus to have the two matching magazines.
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