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1918 Luger with Large Nazi Eagle

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Need help with these markings. This is obvioulsy a re-worked 1918 Luger, but I am not familiar with the markings. I stumbled onto an old collection and found this gun. Had to take some quick pictures, but unfortunately this is all I have on the gun. Can anyone tell me what I found here?
Could not get the pictures to post so am sending to Jan Still for possible posting. Thanks for the help.

Download Attachment: AB1.jpg

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Download Attachment: AB33.jpg
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Hello Tom, you can send the pictures to me, and I'll see if I can post them. If fuzzy, may or may not help.

Large nazi eagle, how large is large?

If on the grips, then it was added later, probably by a GI.

As you requested, I posted the photographs that you sent above. Mg 7 or 10 are Nazi Era rework stamps, examples of such reworked Lugers are shown on page 212 and 215 of Weimar Lugers.

The E/Mg10 stamped on the 1918 DWM that you show above is located on the left, top and right sides of the receiver. It is significantly larger than those examined previously. Don’t recall seeing this sort of extreme redundantly in a rework stamp before. This stamp, its size and its placement look to be questionable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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