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1920/1913 Police reissue ?

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I have a 1920/1913 DWM Luger, supposedly a police reissue, which I have always had doubts about. The gun is fully period refinished, including the trigger, safety lever, and most parts. The frame is numbered 5839"d", and shows the cut for a magazine safety, but the barel and slide have been renumbered with a out of case overstamp of the first two didgets. The barrel is originaly an "a" series. All sub numbers are corectly "39", and a sear safety is present. Is it, as I suspect, a made up gun, or is it possibly correct? I'm realy at a loss with Lugers,there are so many combinations! No matching magazines came with the gun. Can anyone offer an opinion?

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Doug, I have one that you have to look close and you see it is an overstamp, it is a correct weimar issue, but the markings and stamps should look original and the barrel with an "a" series has me doubting. To further what Heinz said, can you tell us any markings on the gun?

Proofs? Tell us what and where proofs and markings are located.

What initials or letters are on the toggle?

Can you provide pictures, to include side, top, etc?


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