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I recently acquired this 1920/1918 luger # 7532k, the first rework in my modest collection and my first that is unit/property marked. I have been doing some research and reading since and understand it is a Kriegsmarine Ostsee property mark.
Download Attachment: MVC-006S.JPG
Download Attachment: MVC-008S.JPG
Download Attachment: MVC-009S.JPG
Download Attachment: MVC-011S.JPG
It is all matching except the has a wood base crown M magazine that is non matching. It has the normal Imperial markings. One unusual item I noticed was the k suffix on the side of the receiver. I looked through several books including Jan's Axis Pistols & Imperial Lugers and didn't notice any others quite like that - probably just an oddity.
Download Attachment: MVC-010S.JPG

Any additional thoughts or information on this pistol would be greatly appreciated!
- Scott
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