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I am trying to properly identify my 30cal commerical luger. I`m sure that it`s a commercial luger from the information I have gathered on the internet. I`m stuck on whether it`s a 1920 or a 1923 commercial.

I have 2 commercial lugers, but they are definitely different based on where the parts are stamped (or not stamped). This particular one in question has only a few parts stamped, but they are all the same number.

Barrel - my way of measuring indicates it is 3 3/4"
script "i" on the bottom of the bbl
4952 is above the "i" on the bottom of the bbl
c/n is above the 4952 on the bottom of the bbl
germany is above the c/n on the bottom of the bbl
no additional proofs on the left,right,top or bottom

Receiver - c/n on left side and no other stamps or proofs
no proofs on the right side

Frame - scripted "i" with 4952 above the "i"

Chamber Date - none... blank

Toggle Assmbly - extractor has no stamp
left side of forward toggle has c/n
the DWM logo stamped on top of forward toggle
"52" is stamped on the backside of the rear toggle

Side Plate - blank on the side
"52" is stamped underneath (hidden style?)

Breech block - "52" stamped on the left side
no stamp on the firing pin

Locking bolt - "52" stamped on the underside (hidden style?)

trigger - "52" stamped on the left side of the trigger
nothing stamped on the following:
trigger bar assembly
receive axle
safety bar
safety catch
bottom of receiver (the slide area)
wooden follower of magazine
this gun is in super good shape, definitely not been re-finished or re-blued, no pitting, no rust, just a little wear in the normal places along the sides of the muzzle, side plate, safety catch. Strawing is good as well.
My message would be much much shorter, but my photos are a bit larger than 400kb and I can`t load them up. Probably the "fine" mode I used made the size too large. I can`t re-take the photos as my wife is off to Brazil with the camera.

Appreciate any feedback

Two additional questions....the magazine that came with the luger for some reason is not allowing the toggle to lock open. If I put another magazine in it, the toggle locks open as it should. Can the magazine be repaired so it will function properly? Is there anyway to determine what year this gun was assembled by the s/n ?

Tommy Burt
[email protected]

Jan Still's book on the Weimar Lugers has the best information on the post WWI Lugers and offers a new insight into the post WWI commercial serial numbers. I have no idea how the original designation of 1920 Commercial and 1923 Commercial was given to the post WWI commercial pistols, but the the term "1923 Commercial" is definitely misplaced. Commercial production at DWM ended in the 75,000 range during WWI, and commenced following the end of WWI right where the serial number range had ended. As the commercial numbers climbed into the 90,000 range it appears that DWM made the decision not to go to a six digit serial number. At this point they assumed the military serial numbering sequence with a letter suffix. DWM chose to begin the serial numbers with the letter suffix ( i ) which would have been the letter suffix block in use had the commercial Lugers used the military serial numbering sequence from the very beginning in 1900. I believe according to Jan's information the first of the letter suffix commercials show up near the 2000i serial number range in 1921 and continue into late 1929 in the ( u ) suffix block.

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Hello Johnny,

I was stumped in researching the gun(s) with this article on gunsworld.com .....


Also a bit confused on why parts such as a side plate or a locking bolt have the s/n`s located in different places ("hidden style"). I was trying to determine if this particular Commercial was a "matching parts" Commercial....or if there is such.



Download Attachment: 4952i-frame-right.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-grips-inside.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-grips-outside.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-lockingbolt-bottom.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-frame-front.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-toggle-rear-top.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-sideplate-outside.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-recvr-left.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-bbl.JPG

Download Attachment: 4952i-trigger-left.JPG
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