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I do not know what this started out as, but I suspect it was a Navy. Side of frame was notched and plugged for the mag safety, the hole was drilled but the grips are not notched.

Download Attachment: MVC-399F.JPG
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As you can see the frame is the old long style with a single Weimar proof.

Download Attachment: 1921c.jpg
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A unique mating of old and new. Note the new short upper on the long frame.

Download Attachment: 1921d.JPG
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A milled out section to remove old markings.

Download Attachment: 1921b.jpg
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Unit marked to the Berlin Police?

Download Attachment: 1921a.jpg
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Two *K matching Police mags.

Download Attachment: 1921e.JPG
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The long frame, altered safety, and 978a serial number, indicate that the frame of your luger started out as a 1906 Navy. Sometime during the Weimar/Nazi Era this frame was mated to a dated top (probably an Imperial date). This was likley accomplished at a Weimar/Nazi police armory, where two matching mags were added numbered 1 and 2 in the police style. The sear and magazine safeties (partial) were installed according to Prussian police orders dated August 30, 1933. The S.B.2029 signifies Prussian State Schutzpolizei Berlin weapon number 2029(The largest police force in Germany). Thank your for the photographs of a Luger with an interesting history.
What are the markings and date on the barrel/receiver?

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Dear All

I have on my ticket as a trophy a Luger which I have been told may be a police issue. All numbers match 7007 including mag which also marked 1.

It has DWM on toggle

1929 above 1918 on barrel.

S B 4960 on the front of the handgrip has been neatly crossed out with a chiseled cross on each letter/numeral

There are four (I assume) proof marks on the right side of frame.

Can anyone give more info on it history and present day value for insurance purposes. It is good overall condition with all its orriginal blue.


John Dines

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John, welcome to the forum. I cannot help with value but your pistol was manufactured in 1918 by Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken in Berlin for the military. Whether it actually made it to the front is unknown but, very soon after WWI, it was issued to the Berlin police as was the Luger discussed earlier in this thread. The second date stamp on the top of the chamber is really 1920 indicating it belonged to the government (police) at that time. Does the pistol have sear and/or mag safeties? Is there a lower-case script letter beneath the number 7007 on the front of the frame above the trigger guard.

While I am not an expert on values, I'm sure that photos will help others advise you more accurately on this.
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