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I have a DWM Luger (script on the toggle) that is non dated as to year of production.Marked with a two digit serial on the frame above the trigger guard, left side of the barrel inside of plate and on the safety switch visible when in safe position. Also on the inside of the plate is the # 4.Trigger is marked with a 6. Barrel has G stamped on the underside and toggle is stamped with a 5 on the inside as well. Several Crown over N proofs in various places. Also marked Germany on the back above the Lanyard ring. Has lug for shoulder stock. Sear Safety with Gesichert mark. Under the grips on the frame there are several more barely visible marks an F, D and N on the left and a K on the top right near the back end covered by the grips. Grips are stamped with a Large 3 small 46 and H on one side and with a 5 and a W. Let me know your thoughts.

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Ryan welcome to the forum. Can you provide pictures both sides, top, serial, etc? And ensure they are a bit larger?

Sounds like a WW1 model that was refurbished and exported (i.e. marked Germany) to America.

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