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Not real sure I am in the right place with this one but here goes anyhow. I'm thinking commercial gun picked up by the police ????

Download Attachment: MVC-034S.JPG

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Download Attachment: MVC-037S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-038S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-039S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-040S.JPG
Simson stamp only on left hand grip.

Download Attachment: MVC-041S.JPG

Could use a little help on the grip strap unit markings.

Download Attachment: MVC-042S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-043S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-044S.JPG

Interesting in that the #1 mag is H.S. and the #2 mag is just an unmarked rolled plated mag.

Download Attachment: MVC-045S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-046S.JPG

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It is indeed a peculiar Luger. The date is placed properly for a date and not a property mark and it's stamped more neatly than a property stamp normally is. However, the crude workmanship of the finish is almost as if they used end-of-war parts to assemble a new pistol for police use. The lack of inspection stamps and acceptance stamp on the right receiver wall is baffling. The military style serial number placement but commercial barrel proof is also unusual. I really don't care to make any wild guesses so that's as far as I'll go.

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Doubs, I wonder how much of the finish is the nice, clear close ups? I mean, not as close up's, if it looks "better"?

The "2" is a bit cockeyed, so I am thinking it is a nice 1920 property stamping? Then the 1920 could be a commercial, much like mine that was made in 1921?

Just some thoughts on this? I don't have my books, so what does it say about the serial numbering?

Dave, can you provide full left and right pictures of each side?


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Doubs and Ed........ Thanks for your comments. Sending along some pictures as requested. I bought it from a vet who was there after the war and am including a picture of the holster that it came in. The holster is as nice as the gun and vice versa.........

Download Attachment: MVC-060S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-061S.JPG

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Download Attachment: MVC-063S.JPG

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Thanks for the excellent photographs and presentation.

The 1920 stamp bears a halo. It was applies through the blue which is contrary to the usual DWM manufacturing process(the date is applied prior to blueing). This 1920 is larger than the usual date stamp and the digits are more spread out. It is also closer to the barrel end of the receiver than usual.(see page 103 and 104, Weimar Lugers.) As Ed pointed out, the 1920 is a Reichswehr property stamp applied sometime between late 1920 and early 1921.

The “m” serial number suffix indicates that this Luger may be a rework of an Imperial Luger with the date ground off(the "m" suffix started in 1923, too late to receive the 1920 property stamp). However, the lack of any Imperial markings does not support rework of an Imperial Luger.

The halo around the barrel serial numbers indicates the barrel was stamped after it was blued. This Luger seems to represent out of sequence production. As sometimes with Weimar Lugers, it does not quite fit the box.

The police unit stamp and the two matching police magazines were applied sometime during the Weimar or early Nazi Era and the police sear safety was added by Prussian Police orders dated August 1933. To the best of my recollection the police unit was identified on the pre-hacked forum. If I find it I will post it.

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Jan.....Thanks for the information. I think I may have posted this gun on the old board or perhaps I had put it in Automag.... hell to get old..... I think the reply on the grip strap marking was that it was not according to know regulations or something like that. Your Volume I would suggest LANDJAGEREI and perhaps Thuringen???? (guessing here). Interesting gun........... Do appreciate the help.
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