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Just bought a 7,65mm luger. But what kind is it? No marking on either the chamber or the toggle.
The serialnumber is 2458. There has been a suffix, but it has been overstamped with a small crown, identical to the crown above the N in the C/N-stamp.

Here are links to 4 pictures:





Can anyone identify this??

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Appears to have started out as an alphabet commercial (1920). Would like to see the top of the pistol. The toggle should have been stamped with "DWM" scroll, but if not, could have been made from left over parts after WW1. The crown stamping over the suffix may have been an attempt to make the piece be more "commercial". I have a 1920/29 Swiss commercial, also with crown stampings over the suffix on the forward frame and under barrel, but the chamber has a Swiss cross in sunburst and the toggle is DWM. It is otherwise a 1920 commercial.

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From the photos and information it is possible to partially answer your questions. The Crown/N on the left receiver and barrel, the 7.65mm caliber, and the four-digit serial number with letter suffix say that it is an Alphabet Commercial, made sometime during the 1920s. The crown overstamp of the barrel suffix is not ordinary; a bit of digital photo processing hints that the same crown may overstamp a frame suffix as well. The blank toggle is not unknown, it can be found on some Police guns late in this era.

Commercial Lugers manufactured between the wars often used leftover parts, as drbuster noted. This means that occasionally a Luger will be found whose characteristics are not "standard", and which resist explanation.

So, your Luger is a standard variation, it is not rare, it is not a special contract, but it does have unique markings and characteristics, and is of particular interest because of them.

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