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1921 DWM Unit Mark

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Today,I examined a 1921 DWM,in original condition.The front Grip was marked with the following unit mark. P1.B.2.16. Would I be correct to state this mark signifies:
Pionier Division 1,Bataillone 2,Weapon 16.
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Hi Tom,
What is the ser# and suffix? The suffix should be, no suffix,a or b. Does it have a sear safety?( a small flat dogleg bar resting on top of side plate). Or a notch cut in left grip, just to rear of mag release? If so,it is a police pistol.

I believe it's the marking for:

P1= Police School for Physical Education
B.2= 2nd Battalion, or possibly, Berlin 2nd company?
16= Weapon #16

It would'nt be a Reichswhr unit as they changed the method of unit marking after WWI. Military units began incorporating a / in their unit marks. Your translation would be a pre-Weimar(1919) marking method. Obviously before the pistol was made.
Hope this helps.
Also page 64 of Görtz lists Pi.B.1 as a weimar pioneer company. Obviously the / was not used in all Weimar markings. Thanks for pointing it out.

Tom, Check the marking and verify that the 1 is not actually an i.
If it is an i, then it may well be a Pioneer unit. However,if it is a 1 and the sear safety is present. It would be as I stated above. A police pistol.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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