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I wanted to post some pictures of a recent acquisition and ask for some help in understanding this variation. Many of you probably saw this luger on one of the internet gun auction sites a few weeks ago. I purchased it and paid more than I was initially planing. I almost sent it back after I receive it because the finish is not what I expected. I think someone may have wiped it down with cold blue to try to cover a faded finish but I am not sure, it does not appear to have been buffed. I kept it because it is an unusual gun. It is a 1923 DWM commercial, safe and loaded, in 30 Luger caliber. Serial number is 90414 which is in the correct range for this model. What is unusual is that it is an American Eagle. In Lugers at Random page 202, Kenyon remarks in his description of the chamber markings “A few have been reported with the American Eagle crest.” This is the only reference I can find for a 1923 commercial that is an American Eagle (other than the Stoger American Eagles). In examining the gun it looks to have been changed from a 9 mm to 30 luger, probably by DWM to comply with the armistice treaty. The receiver has had an insert installed to reduce the diameter to 30 Luger. The witness marks between the barrel and the receiver don’t quite line up, making it appear that the barrel has been changed. The front of the frame where the serial number is stamped looks to have been ground down to remove an earlier serial number. There is a definite transition line from the grinding across the front of the gun. There is a crown N proof on the bottom of the barrel along with the serial number, however there is not a crown/N on the left side of the receiver as I would expect. There is a small rub mark where the proof should be but it doesn’t appear to be deep enough to have removed a proof stamp. The crown N on the center toggle link is the only stamp that looks like it has been buffed, the proof is there but it is shallow and the edges are rounded not sharp. The DWM logo on the top of this link does not look buffed. The grips appear original but do not match the gun serial number.

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I can’t decide if I have purchased an expensive curio, a hidden treasure, or something in between. I would be appreciative of any light the people here could shed on this Luger. Especially if any of you have a similar model or have seen one. If you know of another please pass my name and e-mail ([email protected]) on to the owner and ask him to contact me. I would like to compare features and markings. Anyone have an idea how many of these may be out there? Maybe these are more common than I think!

Thanks for your help;
Bob Maddix

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Hi all, I just wanted to clear up a mistake I made in my original post. I said the chamber of the luger had been sleeved to reduce it to 30 caliber from 9 mm. Of course this is incorrect as the case diameters at the base are the same. I miss took where the barrel comes through the receiver and creates a mating line with the receiver for an insert. Sorry for the confusion. If I had thought about it for a few minutes I would have realized my mistake. Thanks to Dwight Gruber for setting me straight. Still looking for any information on this variation, my thoughts are they must be relatively rare. I would still be interested if anyone knows of another one.
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