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1925 & 1926 Simson

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I am hoping to get some expert information on 1925-1926 Simson Lugers. According to Still book, the serial number shown for the 1925 goes from 28-595. 1926 Simsom known guns are 647, 656, 684. This range would put production to about 500-600 guns per year. Could it be possible to encounter a 1926 Simson with serial number above 1000? Does anyone know of other 1926 Simson’s with serial number higher than the 684 reported? Are the only one 1927 or 1928 supposedly reported the real thing? Why would they only make a couple of guns? What is the value of a 1925 or 1926 Simson, lets say 90% or better?
I really appreciate your help and time.
Thanks and regards. Tony S.
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Thanks for the info. I guess that there is a lot to learn about Simson's made Lugers. Maybe, I will write a book when I retire.
Does anyone knows the highest 1926 serial number reported? Do you (collectors) have a 1926? What is the serial range?
Thanks, Tony
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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