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These are some photos of a pretty neat Luger that I just purchased.....it is in Excellent condition,although there are some faults....the ejector is missing,side plate has been restamped,and breechblock has a chunk out of it....small parts are proofed...finish is unusual,it seem almost like a parkerised affair...Holster is marked R.LARSEN BERLIN....it was brought back from WW2 like this.....if anyone wants me to post photos of a particular part....let me know...

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quote:Originally posted by lugercollector

...finish is unusual,it seem almost like a parkerised affair

I had a Simson bringback many years ago that sounds similar to yours. The finish was "brownish", but not rough like park, and it wasn't patina. The pistol also had an unusual front sight -- looked almost like a target sight, with "wings" extending slightly beyond the dovetail. I sold it to a collector who told me it was a bogus pistol, but he paid me $600 for it in 1981. Does that ring any bells to anyone? Was I taken for a ride?

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